What’s happening around Surprise? View conversations with your City Council representatives to learn about topics that impact every resident.
Come Explore all the City of Surprise has to offer. Each quarter we highlight a different area of Surprise that shows off why the City is such a great place to live, work and visit.
Watch your hometown news source to get caught up on important topics and news you should know!
From business startup best practices to Arizona history, there’s sure to be a topic that will keep you captivated and grow your knowledge in this educational program.
City of Surprise Special Programing.
Mayor Skip Hall introduced the 2019 State of the City video premiere on March 28 at Surprise City Hall as a highlight of the city’s most shining moments over the past year; and true to his words, 2018 was certainly a bright year for the city! Watch the video to hear an update on the city’s accomplishments and the vision for the future.

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